When you come to buying a vehicle you will be bombarded with decisions that you need to consider. One of these decisions is whether you should get a diesel or a petrol car. Over the past decade, diesel cars have become an increasingly popular option for drivers because they are more efficient on the road especially if you travel long distances. There are three factors that determine the choice between a petrol car or a diesel one: economy, running costs and driving performance and preference.

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Petrol is usually seen as a smoother drive with a sharper response while diesel cars have a much more powerful engine and better pulling power making them a more relaxing drive. The vibrations, harshness, and noise of diesel-driven cars are way higher than that of a petrol driven car.

Is it cheaper to buy a diesel or a petrol?

It depends on your situation. Will you be doing regular long, motorway journeys or will It be short little city trips? Diesel is much more economical on long journeys so you should take this into consideration if you are wanting to rack up the mileage.

It is true that a diesel car will cost you more than the petrol equivalent.

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Pros and Cons

Pros of Diesel

  • Diesel engines are more fuel efficient, meaning cheaper running costs.
  • Low CO2 emissions on a diesel car before April 2017 means the tax will be lower than petrol engines.
  • They have better overtaking power and a more powerful engine


Cons of diesel

  • Fuel is more expensive
  • Servicing / fixing an issue with a diesel could be a little more pricey
  • Diesel fuel produces bacteria linked to breathing disorders
  • The engines are slightly noisier
Pros of petrol

  • Petrol fuel is cheaper than diesel fuel
  • Petrol cars produce less dangerous emissions
  • The engines are a lot less noisy


Cons of petrol

  • The engines in a petrol are less efficient than a diesel
  • CO2 emissions are higher
  • Gear needs to be changed more regularly
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