Which forms of benefits does Refused Car Finance accept?

We accept car finance applications from people on the following forms of benefits:

 Disability Allowance

Carer’s Allowance

Child Tax Credits

Working Tax Credits

Personal Independent Payment (PIP)

9/10 of people get accepted for car finance with us!

Recently we had a sponsored post on Facebook offering finance to our customer base. In the advert we made sure to include that we accept customers on benefit only incomes, with CCJ’s/Defaults or who have previous arrears. One person commented something to the effect of ‘if they are on benefit’s then how on earth can they afford a car on finance?’ – this is ignorant on nearly every level in our eyes and we will go on to explain why.

We think that in today’s age when people hear ‘benefit only’ they think the worst. What is important to remember is that some people are incapacitated and unable to work due to disability. For these people a benefit only income is the only option – so does this mean that they do not deserve to have a nice car? Some people obviously think so – however the staff at Refused Car Finance do not.

It is because of our passion to help people obtain finance were nobody else will that we are currently one of the UK’s leading car finance brokers. We work with over 20 lenders and are growing exponentially in the car finance industry.

Looking for Car Finance with Benefit income?

How can you get car finance for people on benefits?

If you’re wondering if you can get car finance on benefits, then the simple answer is ‘yes’! We can help you obtain car finance by matching you up with our panel of specialist lenders. So whether you are claiming child tax credits or disability allowance, we can get you the best car finance deal.

The process is simple. Just visit the apply page and fill in our short form. From there we will work hard to get you the best car finance deal. Once you have chosen which lender you want to proceed with then you could be driving your car away the same week!


Car finance on disability benefits

If you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independent Payment (PIP) and/or Carers Allowance then this can be used to get you car finance.

When you apply with Refused Car Finance you benefit from a large panel of lenders who accept DLA, PIP and carers allowance as a form of income. Once you have applied a member of our team will walk you through the process and match you up with the very best car finance lenders that approve disability benefit applications. We are dedicated to getting you approved with the very best car finance package for your circumstances!


Car finance for full time carers

Car finance for full time carers has sort of become a speciality with Refused Car Finance. We have got a a fantastic panel of car finance experts here at Refused Car Finance who can match you up with the most suitable car finance lenders for carers. In fact carers have a very strong chance of getting their car loan when they apply through our website.


Guaranteed Benefit Car Finance 

You are never guaranteed any form of finance, when looking for car finance on benefits that is no different. We do help customers with bad credit car finance – over 98% of our customers infact. This includes customers on benefit only incomes and who had been refused car credit elsewhere. We are able to do this because we offer customers car loans based on affordability and not a credit score alone.

No company can guaranteed car finance. As a responsible finance company we have a moral responsibility to only provide finance for people who can afford the repayments. If you do stumble across a company that states that you have a 100% chance of getting car finance, then avoid them at all costs. Not only would this go against the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules and regulations – it’s downright unethical. It’s important to use a finance company who looks after you and your interests, not sells you finance at any cost.

Car Finance on Benefits new car
If you would like to find out more, please visit our guaranteed car finance myth page.

Cars on finance on benefits

We have partnered with a range of dealers across the North East of England and the rest of the UK. This means that we are able to provide benefit car finance for a range of different car models.

Browse the cars currently in stock here.

Get Started!

If you meet the following criteria then we can get you car finance with benefits!

blue tick Been a UK resident for three or more years
blue tick Are 18 or older
blue tick Are able to prove you can afford car finance
blue tick Are not bankrupt
blue tick Have a full UK driving licence

Car finance for people on benefits with bad credit

As bad credit car finance specialists we’re no strangers to helping people with a less than perfect credit score get approved. If you’re in receipt of benefits and are looking at a bad credit score you may be worried, but we can help!

Due to our wide panel of specialist lenders we’re able to help you if you want car finance on benefits and have a bad credit score. Not only do we have a fantastic panel of lenders but our in house team of car finance experts are incredibly skilled at matching you up to the perfect lenders and getting you that approval you need. We don’t have a 98.4% approval rate for nothing.

Applying for car finance on benefit income

Applying for car finance when you’re on benefits is the same process as normal, all you need to do is fill out our short application form. From there one of our friendly car finance experts will give you a really quick call to run through the benefits you receive and any other form of income you may have.

We will then set about matching you up to the most suitable lender for you so you can get the car finance package you need to buy the car you really want. What’s also great is that you can use your benefit car finance package to buy a car from any reputable FCA approved dealership across the whole UK and we will even throw in a free 3 month warranty for your peace of mind.

Apply for car finance on benefit income

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First of all a massive thank you to Graham at quick car fiance he went above and beyond to help me and he succeeded the only negative was i that my camera wasn't that clear and was asked to send them several times but due to Graham we got there with minimal stress I'd definitely use quick car fiance again 5 star service

Amazing service! Very friendly staff who not only try to find the best deal but also stick to the budget given so don't encourage over spending. Could not recommended them enough!

best interest rate you can find it great very professional company to work with specially Jacob he was very helpful. thank you very much