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  • Affordable monthly payments

    Affordable monthly payments

    Deals with competitive APR & Interest rates

  • Huge car choice

    Huge car choice

    Choose from any reputable FCA Approved dealer

  • Reviews

    Reviews Star

    Rated excellent by our Customers

  • Decision in minutes

    Decision in minutes

    From a huge range of trustworthy lenders

About Us:

We are Refused Car Finance, (part of UK Car Finance), bad credit car finance specialists based in the North East of England. We are immensely proud to be one of the UK’s leading car finance brokers.

Our Mission:

Refused Car Finance was founded in December 2014 and has since grown substantially to become one of the UK’s leading car finance brokers, specialising in bad credit car finance. As a car finance broker, we don’t directly lend money out to anyone and instead help make introductions to reputable lenders. Our goal is to make car finance accessible to everyone, allowing people to buy the car they want using a budget they can afford. We have developed relationships with many lenders and currently work with a wide panel of trusted UK lenders. This is what allows us to provide car finance for a wide range of customers at the best rate possible for their circumstances.

All of this means we can provide the best service, instant decisions, flexibility and support throughout the whole process. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and all of our staff are SAF certified so you can use our service safely in the knowledge that you will be getting the best finance rate for your circumstances with a reputable company.

We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and serve the whole of the UK. Find out more about car finance near you.

How to contact us:

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Finance Enquiries:

Call us on 0191 718 0000 or email [email protected].

need to make a complaint


Call us on 0191 718 0000 or visit our complaints page for more.

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Dealer partners:

Email us at [email protected] or find out more on our Dealer page. 

Opening hours: 

Monday: 9am-6pm
Tuesday: 9am-6pm
Wednesday: 9am-6pm
Thursday: 9am-6pm
Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: Closed

Find us:

Refused Car Finance, Lakeside House, 30 Northumbrian Way, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 6EH.