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When you pass your driving test, you may be offered a pass plus course by your driving instructor. It’s an additional driving training course that helps drivers improve their skills and safety. You aren’t legally required to complete a pass plus course but there can be several benefits in doing so. From lowering your car insurance to becoming a better driver, it can be a great choice for any driver. The blog below looks at what a pass plus course is and if it would be worth it for you.

What is a pass plus course? 

A pass plus course drivers can choose to take after they have passed their driving test. It’s an extra driving course which only takes around 6 hours to complete. The course requires a driver to undertake additional training with an approved driving instructor. If your current driving instructor is qualified to teach Pass Plus, you can take the course with them or if not, you can check the website to find out more. Throughout the course, you will complete different modules with your instructor and receive a certificate on completion.  

How much does it cost? 

A pass plus course can cost around £150-£200. It can depend on the instructor and the country in which you take the course. The price may also be determined by how long your training takes. Usually, most courses are complete within 6 hours but this can be spread over 3 block bookings of 2 hours.  Some local authorities may also offer discounts for people who want to enroll on the pass plus course.

What is taught during a pass plus course? 

A pass plus scheme tends to look at 6 different modules to improve your driving and safety on the roads.

1. Town driving – Helps drivers to confidently navigate complex junctions, identify vulnerable road users and use their observational and awareness skills.

2. All-weather driving – Driving in the snow and ice increases the risk of accidents so the Pass Plus course aims to avoid skidding, increase stopping distances and how to drive in poor visibility.

man taking test

3. Rural driving – Countryside driving takes more skill and knowledge than your average road. Learn how to drive down country lanes and the rules around overtaking and slowing vehicles and animals on the road.

4. Night driving – Usually your driving lessons will be during the day or in the evening, but many drivers may not have had much experience with nighttime driving. The night driving module aims to get drivers confident in using their cars in the dark.

5. Dual-carriageways – Expand your skills on dual carriageways and take a closer look at lane use, slip roads and safe distances.

6. Motorways – Motorway driving is limited during your driving test so the Pass Plus course helps drivers get more experience, reduce any bad driving habits, and learn the rules of motorway driving.

Is it worth doing a pass plus course?

The main benefit of a pass plus course is to further improve your driving skills after passing your test.


✅ Improve your driving ability.
✅ Increase your confidence on the road.
✅ Could reduce your insurance costs.
✅ Expand skills you may have not learned during your test.


❌ You’ll need to pay for the course.
❌ You’ll need to find the time to complete the course.
❌ It doesn’t guarantee you’ll get cheaper car insurance. 

When can you enroll on a course? 

You can take a pass plus course at any time after you pass your driving test. However, many drivers say you should enroll within the first year of passing your test. This is because your risk of a road traffic incident is at its highest in the first year of driving.

Does pass plus reduce your car insurance? 

There’s no guarantee a pass plus course will help to reduce your insurance premiums. However, for many people, it can do so by up to 15%. Some insurers might not even take a pass plus into consideration when offering you a premium but there are some which do take it into account when calculating premiums. If your current car insurance provider does not, it could be beneficial to get an insurance quote from a provider who does offer pass plus car insurance. 

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