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Best cars for your furry friend

Here in Britain, it’s fair to say we are dog mad with 1 in 3 of households sharing our homes with our canine friends. They’re our devoted companions and we’ll do almost anything to make them happy. However, we can often overlook our dogs when it comes to choosing a new car, even if we make regular trips with them. If you’re thinking of buying a car then read on to find out what our recommendations are for the best cars for dogs.

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Skoda Superb Estate

Our top pick for the most dog-friendly car is the stylish Skoda Superb Estate. The long, flat boot with a low entrance is perfect for dogs to jump in and out of whilst the tall roof will allow many dogs to stand up. 

Alongside the boot space, it comes with an optional ‘Pet Pack’ for £250, including rear bumper protection, a boot liner, and a dog guard. There are also many extra options such as a rear seat protector, a dog safety belt, and rubber floor protectors.

It’s comfortable and easy to drive, luxurious looking, and all-around ideal for your pet. What’s more is that it won’t cost you a fortune to run, as it has a good range of efficient engines to choose from and sits in relatively low insurance groups. The Skoda Superb is also featured on our best estate cars UK list! 

Nissan X-Trail

If there was ever a car that was designed with dogs in mind, it’s the Nissan X-Trail. It’s a spacious and comfortable SUV that gives you an option to add on their ‘Paw Pack’, costing £600, which is one of the priciest extras in our top 5, however it does include a lot of extra equipment!

The Paw Pack includes a ramp to help smaller and less mobile dogs hop aboard, a spill-proof water bowl, a dog bed, a boot liner and a storage rack for leads. This should prepare most dog owners for any long journeys they might need to make with their dogs.  All of these features is why we think it really is one of the best cars for dogs!

As well as all of the Paw Pack features, it makes a great choice for a car, with some cleverly designed features and a cabin that’s spacious and comfortable.


Winner of Best Car for Dog Owners Awad 2021, there is no question that the MG ZS is a super dog-friendly car. Available as both petrol and electric, the ZS is packed full of value and is one of the most affordable cars you can get.

A stylish SUV with plenty of room for your dog to rest up after a little adventure, the MG ZS has a spacious boot and the ability to fold down the back seats for added room.

Considering it’s one of the most affordable electric vehicles to finance, it is our top pick for a dog-friendly EV based on the amazing value for money it offers.

Peugeot Rifter

Another dog-friendly car we absolutely love is the Peugeot Rifter. Firstly, the size of the boot on the Rifter is very impressive hosting load space of between 775 – 3,500 liters, this is increased again to 4,000 on the 5-seater long version. More than enough space for even the largest of dog breeds.

This family car is a van-inspired MPV engineered to carry passengers and cargo like no people-carrier or van before. Combining the best of both worlds the Rifter is ideal for dog owners, with easy sliding doors, a roof rack for even more storage, and folding rear seats.

Perfect for those dog-walking adventures up in the mountains or the local forest, your doggos will love traveling in this motor.

Volkswagen Touareg SUV

This Volkswagen Touareg is one of the best SUVs for dogs. More than big enough to have been a seven-seater, VW chose instead to give the Touareg a huge boot. Fantastic news for dogs and their owners, this large SUV features an incredible 810 litres of boot space before even folding down the rear seats.

This sophisticated SUV ensures you don’t have to compromise on style when it comes to finding a dog-friendly car either. SUVs themselves are extremely desirable and Volkswagen gets an awful lot right here with 4-wheel drive, stylish interior, and innovative technology. If you’re looking for something a little more premium then the Touareg SUV is a fantastic choice.

Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate

Estate cars have traditionally been the top choice for dog owners thanks to their extended boot space. The Mercedes E-Class Estate is a firm favourite amongst dog owners who also have a good eye for a quality car. Most models come with a large 640-litre sized boot which is plenty of space to allow dogs of a variety of shapes and sizes to stand up, sit down and sleep soundly on those longer journeys. There is also the option of adding rubber floor mats to offer even more protection against those muddy paws.

It’s a very comfortable ride and we think it’s one of the most elegant-looking estates on the market right now. The engines offer good performance and economy, so the E-Class won’t cost you the world to run.

Dacia Duster

For some of the most reasonably priced, fail-safe family cars out there, the Dacia Duster is the definition of no-frills, no fuss. It has a large boot that isn’t too high so your furry friend can jump in and out of it easily. One of the best things about the Dacia Duster is the fact that it has easy-to-clean carpet and plastic side panels that can be wiped down easily, so you can ensure the mess is cleaned away easily after those muddy walks!

It’s a great value for money car and it retains its value very well. Dacia has a simple choice of engines for the Duster that offer reasonable economy (we’d recommend a diesel for the most efficient)!

Ford Kuga

A spacious 4×4, the Ford Kuga is over 4 metres in length which means its more than capable of carrying the family and their canine companions comfortably.

Ford’s Protection Pack includes rubber mats and a boot liner that allows you to remove dirt and helps to prevent a lot of wear and tear and is available from £109. The low boot entrance is perfect for dogs to jump in and out of easily and you can also have a transparent cover put across the bumper to protect your car from scratches.

There we have it, the most pawfect cars for dogs. We hope you found one that works for you and your fluffy companions.

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