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  • Affordable monthly payments

    Affordable monthly payments

    Deals with competitive APR & Interest rates

  • Huge car choice

    Huge car choice

    Choose from any reputable FCA Approved dealer

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    Reviews Star

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  • Decision in minutes

    Decision in minutes

    From a huge range of trustworthy lenders

Car finance with an instant decision!

waiting for a decision for finance

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting around to hear back from a finance lender, especially if you have bad credit. If you’ve been refused car finance in the past, you may be feeling disheartened and are expecting another rejected deal. Our car finance instant decision deals promise to have a finance decision back to you within the hour of applying! Our bespoke lending panel has been designed to help a range of different applicants and we’re committed to helping as many people as possible get a car on finance!

Can I get an instant decision for car finance? 

Our instant decision car finance deals aim to have a finance decision back to you within the hour! As long as you apply during our opening hours, we can get a finance decision back to you within the hour. We can’t promise the decision will be automatic because we need time to process the application. We don’t treat each applicant the same and have a wide lending panel to compare. Our bespoke business model has been designed to help those with bad credit find a suitable finance deal and nobody works harder than Refused Car Finance to make that happen! 

How to apply for car finance: 

If you’re looking to apply for car finance instant decision, it’s as easy as 1,2,3…

man putting details into online form

1. Use our online application form. 

The easiest way to apply is through our online application form as it collects all the information we need from you to send you off to our lenders. Your credit score will not be affected when you apply. 

our team making a decision to offer finance

2. Get an instant decision. 

We aim to have a full financial decision for you within the first hour of applying. If one (or more) of our lenders wishes to offer you finance, we’ll help you select the best and lowest rate finance deal for your situation.

Getting a car which is best for you.

3. Choose your car from a reputable dealer. 

You can use your finance deal at any car dealership that is verified by the FCA and is happy to work with a broker like us. Our team will do the leg work for you and help to find a car within your budget. 

Can I get bad credit car finance with an instant decision? 

If you’ve been refused a car loan already, waiting for a decision from a lender can feel excruciating! We understand how much you want to get an approval for car finance. Whilst we can’t guarantee a car finance deal to everyone, we aim to help as many bad credit applicants as possible. We aim to have a full financial decision for you within the first hour of applying. Applying for car finance with a low credit score can make it harder to get approval so we may need to take a little time to find the best lender for your situation.

Benefits of using a car finance broker: 

Refused Car Finance is one of the UK’s leading car finance brokers. As a car finance broker, we don’t directly lend any money to customers and instead act as the middleman between you and the lender. We help drivers find the best car finance deal by comparing a range of lenders on your behalf. 

  • Compare multiple lenders at once.
  • Get the best finance deal with the lowest APR rate. 
  • Save time and money. 
  • Protect your credit score with our soft search credit check. 

Find out more about the benefits of using a broker

woman getting approved for car finance online

Which cars can I buy one finance? 

Using a car finance broker means you have the freedom to get the car you want! You aren’t restricted to dealership financing and a limited range of cars. You can find the best finance deal from one of our fantastic lenders and use your deal at any reputable dealership! This means you can get ANY car within your finance budget from ANY dealership in the UK! All we ask is you choose a dealership that is verified by the Financial Conduct Authority. What’s more, your personal finance expert will help you find a car and even liaise with your chosen dealership on your behalf. We also do our own checks on the dealership to make sure you’re getting a good deal. 

Apply for car finance instant decision.

Make a free, no-obligation application today and we’ll get back to you with a car finance instant decision.