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When you apply for a new or used car on finance you will need to provide some documents and identification to support your application. As a responsible broker, our job is to ensure you get the best rate of finance possible and at a rate you can afford. We don’t want anyone to take out a car loan that they may struggle to repay and get into more financial difficulty, so we and our lenders want to see that you can afford a loan too. Your monthly budget for a car needs to be realistic, affordable and most of all, provable! You will also need to show lenders that you are who you say you are and where you live. These documents for car finance can easily be obtained and being prepared can help to speed up the finance process! 

documents for car finance

Whilst you might not need everything we have listed below, it is best to be prepared and gather documents for financing a car before applying. This will help speed up your application and get you into a car quicker!

What documents do I need for car finance? 

1. Proof of identity

woman with personal details

One of the most important car finance documents you will need to provide us with is your driving licence. Our lending panel prefers applicants who have a full UK license and you may struggle to get approved with a provision license or a European license. If you don’t have a licence at all it is likely you will be declined.

Once you’ve been approved for finance with one of our lenders, we will ask you to upload proof of your driving license through our online portal. Usually, our lenders will also verify the authenticity of your driving licence with the DVLA too. If you’ve lost your driving licence or you’ve sent it off to the DVLA for some reason, the lender may ask for your permission to contact the DVLA directly for a DVLA mandate check.

2. Proving where you live.

proving where you live

Many of our car finance deals are secured loans which means the lender owns the car throughout the agreement. For this reason, it’s important the lender is able to trace the car and know where it is being kept throughout the term. Our car finance eligibility criteria states that all applicants have to have lived in the UK for the past 3 years as this is a requirement of our lenders. 

One of the most common documents required for car finance is a bill which verifies your living address. Most finance companies will ask for two proofs of address such as a utility bill (for example a gas/electric bill or a council tax bill). It must be dated within the last 3 months and your name should appear on it – if other names appear on it (such as your partner) that’s no problem!

3. Prove your income and earnings.

man with money in vault

Your employment status can affect your car finance so when you apply for car finance with us, we will ask you what your current income and employment status are. After you’ve given us details of your employer and income over the phone, the next thing that lenders will want to see is you can prove your income. This can be with either bank statements or payslips and most lenders will want to see 3 months’ worth for someone who is employed. If you are self-employed you will need to provide at least 3 months of bank statements. We can also help people on benefits to get car finance and they can prove their income through bank statements, the same any any other applicant would!

“If you need a car and are refused credit, the brokers here will definitely be able to help and get you a solution to your problem! They were very efficient, prompt, professional and friendly! I would highly recommend getting in touch as they will surprise you! Thank you for all your help! Much appreciated!”
– Madalina S (Source: Google reviews

Start your car finance journey!

As long as you meet our criteria below, we can help find the right finance package for your circumstances.

☑️ I am 18+ years old.
☑️ I am free from bankruptcy.
☑️ I have lived in the UK for 3+ years.
☑️ I hold a full valid UK driving license.

Our lenders are waiting to consider your application!