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The cheapest places to park your car in the UK.

For some drivers, the cost of parking in the UK can put them off visiting a place due to high costs. The team at Parkopedia, a leading parking service, shows drivers the car parking rates of different cities in the UK. By compiling their data, you can find the cheapest places to park your car in the UK and also the most expensive ones.

Cheapest places to park: 

Avg. £ for 2 hours:
1. St Davids, Wales. £0.00
2. Armagh, Northern Ireland. £0.39
3. Bangor, Northern Ireland. £0.54
4. Ripon, England. £0.57
5. Newry, Northern Ireland. £0.54
6. Dunfermline, Scotland. £0.64
7. Lisburn, Northern Ireland. £0.64
8. Ely, England. £0.67
9. St Asaph, Wales. £1.00
10. Sunderland, England. £1.30

Drivers in Northern Ireland are currently benefitting from some of the cheapest parking rates available and features several times on our list but the cheapest place to park your car in the UK is St Davids in Wales! People living in the North of England such as Sunderland in England and Dunfermline in Scotland can also get great rates on cheap car park spaces too. 

Most expensive places to park: 

Avg. £ for 2 hours:
1. London, England. £14.49
2. Westminster, England. £14.09
3. Manchester, England. £6.94
4. Brighton & Hove, England. £6.34
5. Liverpool, England. £6.12
6. Edinburgh, Scotland. £5.86
7. Cambridge, England. £5.66
8. Cardiff, Wales. £5.39
9. Bristol, England. £5.37
10. York, England. £5.30

It may come as no surprise that parking your car in London is the most expensive in the UK! On average, 2 hours of parking will set you back nearly £15! Main cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh also make the list of the most expensive places to park your car too. 

The information above was brought to you by Cashfloat who sought to uncover the average price for parking across 76 UK cities. To do so, they scrapped Parkopedia data including the number of parking places in the city, the number of parking spots per parking area and the price for 2 hours of parking, the average was then used to rank each city. Any parking that was for customers/visitors, unavailable or did not have relevant information was removed from this list. The data was collected January 2024 and is accurate as of then.

How to find cheap car parking? 

If you’re struggling to find the best place to park in your local area, then these handy mobile phone apps and websites for drivers may come in useful to help you locate the cheapest parking space in your area.

man using mobile apps

Can you park on single yellow lines?

Single yellow lines mean that parking is restricted during certain times of the day. For example, a sign may be present which says ‘8 am-8 pm, Monday – Saturday’ which means you are not allowed to park there during those hours but are allowed to do so outside of the stated hours. Each council and local authority has their own guidelines so you should read the restrictions carefully before you commit to parking there.

Can you park on double yellow lines?

Double yellow lines mean that parking or waiting is NOT permitted at any time. A Penalty Charge Notice will be issued if you park on double yellow lines. The amount you are charged can vary depending on the local authority, but the average is around £70.

In some cases, there can be seasonal restrictions which would be advertised on road signs nearby.

Blue badge holders can park on double yellow lines for up to 3 hours as long as it is safe to do so and does not affect other drivers.

Can you park on Red Route stopping controls?

In highly populated areas such as London, red route double and single lines are sometimes used. Red routes indicate that parking and stopping in this area is not permitted unless you are driving a taxi or have a blue badge. A single red line usually has time restrictions which will be indicated nearby, and double red lines mean no stopping at any time.

Can you park on Clearways?

A clearway sign is a red cross on a blue background and can consist of two lines to make a cross or one line through the middle. A red cross-clearway sign means no stopping at any time. These are two of the most misunderstood road traffic signs in the UK. There will also be a sign underneath, or above which will indicate the length of the clearway e.g. ‘for 5 miles’.

man standing next to exclamation mark

Can you park on yellow zig-zag lines? 

Yellow zig-zag lines are usually found outside of schools, hospitals, fire stations, police stations or ambulance stations. The highway code states that you should NOT park or wait in these areas at any time.

Can you park on white zig-zag lines?

White zig-zag lines are usually on either side of a traffic-controlled pedestrian crossing. Drivers must not park or overtake other vehicles while in this area. If you do, you can face a penalty fine and also points on your license as it can obstruct the view of pedestrians.

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