Which motorway services were voted the very worst in England?

When planning your trip, you likely plan a mini pitstop at a service station to grab some food, refresh and give your legs a break. But have you considered which station is considered the worst motorway services in Britain? Well, we have the answer!

A survey conducted by watchdog Transport Focus services UK drivers to find out the best and worst places to pull off the motorway.

The worst service station in the UK is…

And the winner for the worst British motorway goes to… Severn View (Moto) on the M45.

Following closely behind was Burtonwood (Welcome Break) on the M62, Cullompton (Extra) on the M5, Frankley (Moto) Southbound M5 and the Charnock Richard (Welcome Break) on the Southbound of the M6.

The best service station in the UK is…

Norton Canes (Roadchef) in the M6 toll was voted the very best service station you could visit in the UK. It received an impressive 99% satisfaction score! The CEO, Mark Fox, said he was “thrilled” with the outcome of the poll. This was Notron Canes second consecutive year of winning this prize.

The second-best service station you could visit is Heston (Moto) Westbound on the M4, followed very closely by Heston (Moto) Westbound on the M4, Gloucester (Westmorland) on the Southbound on the M5, Shafford (Moto) on the Northbound M6 and South Mimms (Welcome Back) on the M25.

Motorway Sign

Worst things about service stations

The biggest gripe Brits have with service stations is the feeling of being ripped off. The cost of food and drink was highlighted as one of the biggest issues across the board.

Full list of best and worst service stations in England 

Best Motorway Service Stations

1. Norton Canes (Roadchef) M6 toll

2. Heston (Moto) Westbound M4

3. Gloucester (Westmorland) Southbound M5

4. Stafford (Moto) Northbound M6

5. South Mimms (Welcome Break) M25

Worst Motorway Service Stations

1. Severn View (Moto) M45

2. Burtonwood (Welcome Break) M62

3. Cullompton (Extra) M5

4. Frankley (Moto) Southbound M5

5. Charnock Richard (Welcome Break) Southbound M6

What has your experience of motorway service stations been like? Do you find the food overprices? Is it too busy or awkward to get to? Let us know!

Worth Motorways services in England
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