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Bad Credit Volvo Finance

If you’re looking to get a used Volvo on finance today, then you’ve come to the right place. We are a bad credit car finance broker so it’s our job to get you the most suitable deal from a wide range of specialist lenders. We’ll get you approved for the most suitable bad credit Volvo finance and help you buy the car of your choice.

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Are you looking to get bad credit Volvo Car Finance? Then let’s get you sorted today

Used Volvo Finance Deals

Thumbs up icon Get your car from a huge range of trusted dealerships

Thumbs up icon We approved people with no or bad credit & no credit experts

Thumbs up icon FREE warranty wherever you buy your car

Thumbs up icon Car buying team

Thumbs up icon Car finance without a deposit

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Volvo Car Finance
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Getting Used Volvo Finance with bad credit

Getting a car on finance with bad credit is absolutely possible! We specialise in helping you get car finance with bad credit. In fact, the majority of people who look to get a car from us are worried about their chances of being approved. 

We have hand-selected a wide range of lenders so we can serve a huge selection of circumstances. From bad credit scores to looking for car finance that accepts benefits, we can help.

How does car Finance work?

Apply online

Our car finance experts will be in touch and match you up with the most suitable lender

Once we’ve gotten you approved, we will then let you know which Volvo finance packages are on the table

Choose the one you prefer and sign the documents

Find the Volvo you want to finance

Drive away happy

Who is eligible for finance?

Used Volvo car finance requirements are much the same as general car finance. As long as you meet the below criteria, we can help you.

Thumbs up icon I am at least 18 years old

Thumbs up icon I have lived in the UK for at least 3 years

Thumbs up icon I am not currently bankrupt

Thumbs up icon I can prove my affordability

Used Volvos for sale

If you’re looking to finance a car, you’re almost certainly going to be wondering which cars are available. One of the best things about getting your finance sorted through us is that you can then use that finance to buy a Volvo from a huge range of trusted dealerships across the country. This means your options are much more open and you can drive away in the Volvo you really want.

volvo v40 on finance

Volvo V40 Finance

The V40 tackles the compact hatchback class and is Volvos smallest car. One of the most impressive points to any Volvo is its safety elements which should be one of your biggest considerations when purchasing a car. Volvo is well known as the market leader in car safety with an exhausting list of safety equipment designed to keep you and your family safe.

The V40 is an impressive alternative to the more premium priced Audi A3, Mercedes A Class and the BMW 1 Series. If you want to finance the Volvo V40 we can offer no deposit options as well as free warranty and delay your first payment for up to 6 weeks.

volvo xc90 on finance

Volvo xc90 Finance

7 seater cars on finance are increasing in popularity and we think the Volvo xc90 is a fantastic option. This luxurious SUV doesn’t just deliver in the looks department, it’s fuel efficient and stacks loads of safety features. There is ample space inside, and it has a large boot making it perfect for those family trips out.

If you apply for Volvo xc90 finance through us, we will give you free warranty and delay your first repayment for up to 6 weeks. Not to mention we our no deposit car finance options.

volvo xc90 on finance

Volvo xc60 Finance

The modern Volvo xc60 is one of the finest SUVs on the market. There’s no doubting the interior quality in the xc60 as its tastefully styled and has plenty of space, especially upfront. It’s also a grand 10/10 for safety and security and with lots of easy to use tech inside it’s a fun, comfortable, car, drivers can enjoy.

The Volvo xc60 finance is available today. We work hard to get you paid out as soon as we can so we can find you the perfect xc60 in your budget.

volvo c30 on finance

Volvo c30 finance

One of the most different Volvos is the c30. Instead it’s a premium three-door hatchback that has remained true to its heritage. This car has impressively low running costs and is very stylish. We recommend the c30 to singletons and couples as it’s maybe a bit to small for growing families.

If you’re looking to get the Volvo c30 on finance today, then just apply on our site and we could get you approved within hours.

Volvo claimed that no one would be killed or even seriously hurt in a new Volvo after 2020. As the date looms ever closer, it’s safe to see that Volvo are at the cutting edge of car safety. As a result, the Volvo is the perfect car for families and the safety-conscious. In fact, the Volvo is one of our favourite car makes purely for this reason. We’ve made getting car finance super easy, but if you have any questions just hit the chat box below and will do our best to help.

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