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Lexus Financing Services

Are you looking to get behind the wheel of a luxurious Lexus? This prestige division of Toyota is the best-selling Japanese premium car manufacturer and for very good reason. Winner of multiple awards including for reliability, best hybrid car, and manufacturer of the year, Lexus car finance is an extremely popular choice to getting in the driving seat of one of these prestige motors.

Our Lexus financing services are available on both new and used models and include fixed interest rates, no deposit options, and the ability to delay your first payment for up to 6 weeks. When opting for our used Lexus car finance we provide a free warranty for added peace of mind.

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Get Lexus Finance Today

⭐ Fixed Interest Rates

⭐ No Deposit Options

⭐ Soft Credit Search Only

⭐ Bad Credit Specialists

⭐ Affordably Monthly Payments

Is Lexus a good car to buy?

Lexus is a high-quality brand known for its reliability. In addition, they have fantastic fuel economy and have created a reputation for their innovative design creating many “firsts” including becoming the first to develop an eight-speed automatic transmission and prestigious luxury hybrid. Despite their luxurious branding, Lexus are still affordable cars, especially compared to many of their competitors.

Lexus finance

Find Lexus Deals Near You

Our car finance packages can be used to purchase a Lexus near you. We work with a wide panel of lenders which allow you to then use their finance at a vast range of dealerships up and down the country. Whether you have already spotted the Lexus for you, or need help finding one from our team, we have you covered.

Taking out a Lexus car deal can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure which model to go for. Therefore, we have broken down what Lexus has to offer.

Lexus IS

Lexus IS Deals

The Lexus IS is a popular executive car that was first sold by Lexus back in 1998. Now into its third generation, the rear-wheel-drive IS is a fantastic rival to the popular German makes whilst still retaining that luxurious feel. More stylish than ever, the latest version retains impeccably driving performance, an exhilarating ride, and top-notch safety features. It also comes in the hybrid form now too. With so many of these cars on the used marketplaces, it’s not hard to find a fantastic Lexus IS deal.

Lexus CT

Get Lexus CT Finance

What does the CT stand for in Lexus CT? It stands for Creative Touring. The Lexus CT is designed for effortless urban driving blending the best of both worlds with zero emissions in its Electric Vehicle mode, yet never needs to be plugged into recharge. With good fuel economy and fantastic reliability, the CT makes a fantastic car, especially for city driving. Not sold on the CT? We have put together a list of the best hatchbacks for some fantastic alternatives.

lexus nx

Lexus NX Deals

Next up we have What Car? Best Plug-in Hybrid winner – the Lexus NX. Also available as a self-charging hybrid, the NX is quiet, smooth, and has quick acceleration. Featuring an upmarket luxurious feel throughout and ample space throughout, the NX makes an ideal family car. Is the NX not for you? We have put together the ultimate list of the best SUV’s where you may find something you prefer.

Lexus RX

Lexus RX Finance

Introducing the first luxury hybrid SUV, the Lexus RX. Enjoy cruising the motorway in peace thanks to its relaxing ride, ample equipment, and in-car tech. Additionally, it received a 5-star rating from NCAP making it one of the safest cars to drive. You can get car finance with no deposit, free warranty, and fixed interest rates with Refused Car Finance, ensuring an affordable RX finance plan.

Who qualifies for a Lexus financing deal?

To be apply for a Lexus Hire Purchase finance plan you must pass the following statements:

Be at least 18 years old

Have lived in the UK for the last 3 years

Can prove your affordability (with bank statements for example)

And, are not currently bankrupt.


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