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Are you looking for the best Isuzu D-Max finance deals? Whether you have already seen a D-Max for sale that you want to finance, or you want to get the finance sorted first, we can help.

Isuzu specialises in tough pick-up trucks with their leading model, the D-Max, available here in the UK. This Japanese brand is incredibly popular across the globe and is gaining momentum here in Britain thanks to its value for money.

How does finance work for an Isuzu D-Max?

Financing a D-Max through Refused Car Finance is super simple. 

Jump on over to our application form and enter your details. The application form only takes a minute. We perform a soft search to give our team the information required to match you up with the correct lenders with no harm to your credit score.

We will let you know when we have a car finance offer for you. Our team will walk you through your max lend, interest rates, and any other requirements you may have. 

It’s time to choose your car. You can use our Isuzu finance deals at a wide range of FCA-approved dealerships across the UK. If you have already got your eye on an Isuzu for sale, we can get the finance sorted on that car for you. Otherwise, our team are on hand to help you find the right vehicle. 

It’s that easy. The process takes a few days from application to car delivery/collection.

Benefits of our finance packages

We offer incredible HP Car Finance deals. All of our finance packages come with no deposit and without a guarantor as well as:

➝ Fixed Interest Rates

➝ Free Warranty

➝ Choice of Dealership

➝ Same Day Decision

car finance with benefits and bad credit

Which Isuzu models are available to finance?

We offer finance on the double cabin Isuzu D-Max cars. Single cabin versions can be classed as commercial vehicles by UK lenders, which prevents them from being available for personal car finance. So as long as you are looking at the Adventure and All-Purpose range, as opposed to the Business range, then we can help. We can offer finance on both new and used models. 

The Isuzu D-Max Utility is a single cabin pick-up trick designed for business use and is not available on finance.

Not sure if the D-Max is the car for you? Maybe a pick-up or SUV from Mitsubishi is for you?

✓ Isuzu D-Max DL20

✓ Isuzu D-Max DL40

✓ Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

✓ Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35

✕ Isuzu D-Max Utility

Isuzu D-Max Finance

The award-winning D-Max is a fine choice. This five-seater double cab pick-up is perfect for those family weekends away. More affordable than the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger, whilst offering more than 1000kg payload and impeccable safety ratings. Delivering fantastic value for money, the D-Max excels off-road and on, with a list of awards to its name including, ‘Best Value Pick-up of the year 2022’ by 4×4 Magazine and ‘Pick-up of the year 2022’ by What Van?. 

Cost of financing a D-Max

Let’s take a moment to break down some of the costs you might expect to pay when financing one of these vehicles.

You’ve been searching some car buying websites and come across your dream used D-Max with a cash price £9,499 from a reputable FCA-Approved dealership. You don’t have a deposit to put down and consider your credit to be average. Your finance would look something like this:

Average Credit
Cash price:£9,499
Amount of credit:£9,499
Rate of interest:10.5% per annum
Amount of interest:£3,989.58
Lender Documentation fee:£50.00
Lenders option to purchase fee:£50.00
Total charge for credit:£4,089.58
First repayment:£331.01
Followed by 46 Monthly repayments of:£281.01
Final repayment:£331.01
Total amount payable:£13,588.58
Representative APR:20.6%
For excellent credit you would be looking at something similar to:
Cash price:£9,499
Amount of credit:£9,499
Rate of interest:3.5% per annum
Amount of interest:£1,329.86
Lender Documentation fee:£50.00
Lenders option to purchase fee:£50.00
Total charge for credit:£1,429.86
First repayment:£275.60
Followed by 46 Monthly repayments of:£225.60
Final repayment:£275.60
Total amount payable:£10,928.86
Representative APR:7.3%
For bad credit you would be looking at:
Cash price:£9,499
Amount of credit:£9,499
Rate of interest:20% per annum
Amount of interest:£7,599.20
Lender Documentation fee:£50.00
Lenders option to purchase fee:£50.00
Total charge for credit:£7,699.20
First repayment:£406.21
Followed by 46 Monthly repayments of:£356.21
Final repayment:£406.21
Total amount payable:£17,198.20
Representative APR:38.4%

The above finance examples are an indication of the finance quote you could expect to receive and are not an actual quote. As our lenders take into consideration more factors than a credit score, the rates offered to you will vary from these examples.

Criteria for financing an Isuzu D-Max

In order to get finance on a D-Max you must meet the minimum requirements:

Be at least 18 years old

Have 3 years of consecutive UK address history

Hold a full UK driving licence

Can prove your affordability with bank statements

Are not currently bankrupt

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