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People decide to get car finance for all sorts of reason, whether they need a new car because their family is expanding, or maybe they just feel they are paying too much on their current finance package, everyone has their own story to tell. Today we will be sharing Darren’s car finance story. Just like Zoe and Cameron, he chose to get his car finance sorted through Refused Car Finance.

Darren from Liverpool was looking for a new car, he searched around and decided to go ahead with us after liking what he saw online. He said, “I conducted an internet search and Refused Car Finance came up. I read the website and the reviews so decided to go ahead.”

Darren in his VW Passat

“I didn’t have the money up front to purchase a car outright so finance seemed the best way to do it.”

Darren wasn’t brand new to car finance, in fact he had taken out car finance previously. “I’ve had finance before too so knew how it works and what I was getting in to.”I didn’t think I would be able to get finance at such a good rate.”

Deciding he would like to finance a Volkswagen Passat, Darren applied and within 4 minutes of speaking with his personal car finance expert he got approved with not one, not two but three of our lenders! Not only did he get so many approvals, they were better than he expected ” 


darren's car finance story

Darren was practically impressed with the service he received for his car finance expert, Jacob, even when the car dealership that Darren had chosen his car from weren’t very responsive. Jacob was on hand throughout to get onto them so Darren didn’t need too allowing Darren to still get the car he really wanted.

Darren explained,  “Jacob was unbelievable with me. He kept in touch throughout the process, which seemed to be dragged out by the third party. He also dealt with the third party on my behalf, even though they dug their feet in. I’d not hesitate in using you again. Nice one!”. 

Within 4 minutes of speaking with his personal car finance expert he got approved with not one, not two but three of our lenders! 

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Darren's car - car finance story