Personal Contract Purchase is a car finance agreement where you choose your car, the finance company pay the dealership and you repay the finance company in monthly instalments. The term usually lasts 2-3 years and at the end of the agreement you will have be able to either:

1) Buy the car by paying the balloon payment (also known as the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value)

2) Hand the car back – the finance company already set the GMFV, so handing the car back means you settle the deal.

3) Part exchange the car or sell it privately, using the money to settle the GMFV with the finance company and keeping any profit.

Due to the structure of this type of finance agreement, it’s perfect for anyone who likes to change their car regularly, without worrying about reselling the car, when you fancy a change.

Personal Contract Purchase Car Finance

Benefits of PCP at a glance:

Monthly repayments are usually lower than Hire Purchase

Offers more flexibility at the end of the agreement compared to other types of car finance

Benefit from a smaller initial deposit

Can easily enter into a new PCP contract at the end of the term if you want a new car

If the car is worth more than the GMFV at the end of the term, you can use the equity towards a deposit on a new car

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First of all a massive thank you to Graham at quick car fiance he went above and beyond to help me and he succeeded the only negative was i that my camera wasn't that clear and was asked to send them several times but due to Graham we got there with minimal stress I'd definitely use quick car fiance again 5 star service

Amazing service! Very friendly staff who not only try to find the best deal but also stick to the budget given so don't encourage over spending. Could not recommended them enough!

best interest rate you can find it great very professional company to work with specially Jacob he was very helpful. thank you very much