Car finance in Knaresborough

Knaresborough is full of surprises! With medieval streets and stone staircases that weave their way through the town. The town centre is perched on the cliffs above the River Nidd and offers amazing views from the railway viaduct on the Nidd Gorge. Refused Car Finance can help the people of Knaresborough gain car finance.

Can I get Knaresborough car finance?

As long as you can say yes to the following criteria, you can! 
– I am over the age of 18
– I have a full UK driving licence
– I am free from bankruptcy
– I have lived in the UK for 3+ years
– I can prove my affordability

Used cars for sale Knaresborough

Looking for a used car in the Knaresborough area? We can help! There are lots of used cars for sale in Knaresborough but we help you find the best finance deal for your perfect car! Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you. Whether that’s a sporty convertible, a little runabout, something for the family or just something to show off to your friends! With Refused Car Finance, you can get your car finance deal sorted and then shop for your car! Our personal finance experts will help you get the best possible deal for you. You are then free to choose your car from any reputable FCA approved dealership in Knaresborough or the surrounding area! All our deals also come with 3 month FREE warranty for that added peace of mind too.

Guaranteed car finance 

You may have seen some car finance providers advertising ‘guaranteed’ car finance. However, advertising guaranteed car finance to everyone is misleading and goes against advertising standards. No car finance provider can guarantee car finance to everyone as this is classed as irresponsible lending. Your personal credit history and affordability determine whether you will be accepted for car finance. With Refused Car Finance, we don’t guarantee car finance but we can try to help each applicant get approved for Knaresborough car finance.

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