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In recent years, dashcams have become a popular piece of driving technology choice for many UK drivers. Dashcams can be beneficial for drivers in terms of insurance claims and also the security of their vehicle. The price of buying a dashcam has also reduced significantly in the past few years. When dashcams first came on the scene they were expensive and had limited technology but in 2021, there are many low-budget dashcams that come with an impressive range of audio and video recording ability. With this in mind, is it worth getting a dashcam?

What is a dashcam?

A dashcam or a ‘dashboard camera’ does exactly what it says on the tin. They are small pieces of driving equipment that is mounted on your dashboard or windscreen. They have the ability to record your journey whilst being pointed at the road when you start your journey. Dashcams also have an accurate timestamp on them so they can be beneficial for insurance claims. Most dashcams come with their own storage and can also be upgraded with expandable storage. Drivers can then retrieve the data in the event of a theft incident or road accident.

eves dashcam

There are a few different types of dashcams on the market today. The 3 main types of dashcam are:

– Front view dashcams

Front view cameras record everything on the road in front of you including traffic that you’re following behind. These are usually the cheapest models and can start at around £50.

– Front and rear view dashcams

These dashcams record both the road and traffic in front of you and also the rearview too. Many road collisions happen at lower speeds and at the rear end of your vehicle. These models tend to be a little more expensive than front view dashcams and can start from around £100 upwards.

– Cabin view dashcam

A cabin view dashcam is a wide-angle camera that records the inside of your vehicle. These tend to be used by taxi firms and car services to protect the safety of the driver and passengers. They can also be used by drivers to monitor their own driving.

What are the benefits of using a dashcam?

There are a number of reasons why drivers choose to use a dashcam in their vehicle.

– Evidence of an incident or accident

The number one reason why drivers purchase a dashcam is the protection that it gives you if you are involved in an incident or accident. For many insurance claims it is very much he said she said. But having a dashcam provides solid evidence of what happened in an accident.

– Avoid insurance fraud

Insurance fraud amongst drivers can be really damaging for everyone on the road. Car crash fraud is when scammers or fraudsters deliberately crash into other vehicles to submit a false claim. Having a dashcam can reduce it happening to you and also enables you to submit evidence if you think you have been a victim of a fraudulent insurance claim.

dashcam evidence for car crash

– Be a safer driver

Having a piece of equipment that records your every move is bound to make you rethink your bad driving habits. Some dashcams and insurance companies reward drivers for their safe driving which encourages them to make better decisions on the roads.

Are there any disadvantages of having a dashcam?

There are many benefits to buying a dashcam but are there any reasons why a dashcam may not be for you?

distracted driver using dashcam

– Theft

In some cases, dashcams can attract theft. Some dashcams can be over £300 and if it is visible to a passer-by, you could be a victim of theft. Many drivers tend to hide their dashcam out of sight or take it out of the car when unattended.

– Distraction to your driving

For some drivers, having a dashcam can be a distraction. Their presence on the dashboard or windscreen can create a blind spot. You should make sure that your dashcam is positioned to record the road but not to affect your view.

Can having a dashcam lower your car insurance?

Many car insurers do tend to favour drivers who have a dashcam and it can help reduce your car insurance costs. Showing that you are committed to having your driving tracked indicates to insurance companies that you are a confident and safe driver, who would be less likely to make a claim or have an accident.

You should note that only certain car insurance companies accept dashcams to reduce car insurance premiums. You should read the terms and conditions carefully as only certain types of dashcams qualify for lower insurance offers.

Looking to invest in a dashcam? Check out the best dashcams of 2022.