Winter isn’t for everyone and we can see why; it’s cold, its dark for most of the day and you have to get out of bed that little bit earlier to prepare your car before driving away.

Foggy windows are a common occurrence in winter due to temperatures plummeting outside. Condensation is caused when warm moisture that’s carried through the air meets a cold surface. This is why your breath will cause condensation, as your breath is very warm and wet!

Remember that it’s dangerous and illegal to drive off if your vision is obscured, so don’t be tempted to skip this step before you set off. Read on for our tips on how to demist your car windows faster!

Heater inside a car

How to demist your car windows quickly

  • Heater

The heater will definitely take a bit of time to warm up on a cold day, so to prevent yourself from feeling any colder than you probably are, point the heaters towards the windscreen and windows. Warm air can absorb water much faster than cold air, so even if it takes a little while to heat up, it’ll be worth it when it does.

  • Air Con

Not all cars have air con but if yours is equipped with it then use it alongside the heater. This will help to keep the air inside the car dry, as the warm air from the heater on the cool glass can cool down and condense again. Air con will help to prevent this process and let you drive off that bit faster.

  • Windows

If you have no air con or climate control in your car then use your windows if it’s not too cold outside. The dry air from outside can help clear your screen faster by reducing the amount of water vapour in the air.

Tips for preventing foggy windows

Shaving cream

One tip to keep your windscreen clear is to use shaving foam – yes, you read that correct! Shaving foam creates a protective film over the glass and can help prevent condensation.

  • Use a clean towel and apply a dollop of your favourite brand of shaving cream onto it.
  • Spread the foam over the entire surface
  • Using a new clean towel, wipe it off
  • Et Voila! You will have a fog-free windscreen
Cat litter in a sock

Another tip is to put cat litter inside of a sock and place it in your car the night before you are due to drive. Cat litter is designed to pull moisture from the air and it will help reduce condensation on your window. Putting it on your dashboard will be most effective but if you would prefer, you can even stick it under a seat.

Do you have any fail-safe tips for clearing your car windows?
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