With the weather beginning to get bitterly cold in the lead up to Christmas it’s vital that you ensure your safety on the roads. You can never be too careful with ice and cars so make you don’t take any risks. Here are a handful of many precautionary measures you can take to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Take your time

The faster you go the more likely you are to skid on the road so go slowly. Even if you are in a rush and feeling the need to get there quick you need to think of your own safety first. If you are concerned about getting to your location on time then consider leaving a suitable amount of time beforehand.

Defrost thoroughly

Simply defrosting the windscreen of your car is not good enough to keep an eye on the roads. Defrost the windscreen alongside your windows, mirrors and the back of your car. If the weather is bad you want to have all your points of view clear to be able to see what’s happening around you.

Brake carefully

Breaking fast can often cause cars to lose control on the ice causing collisions. Cautiously test your brakes slowly if you need to come to a complete stop and make sure you do this somewhere safe. Another braking tip is to make sure you have enough distance between you and where you want to stop to prevent you colliding.

Seat belts

Standard really with or without icy conditions but you are more at risk of colliding when the roads are slippery. Bearing this in mind it is even more vital that you have that protection of your seat belt to keep you securely in place in the event of a collision.

Remember that these are only a few tips on what you can do to prevent an accident in icy conditions. The BBC have a good article from a handful of years ago which goes into a bit more information about preparing for your journey. Stay safe!


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