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Winter Driving: Car Care Tips

With its cold, frosty and wet weather, winter can really put your car through its paces. In order to ensure your safety and keep your car in tip-top condition, we’ve put together the following winter car care guide.

Check your tyres

Once the frost, ice and snow takes hold, driving conditions will become particularly hazardous. Your tyres play a crucial part now than any other time of the year, so it’s important that you maintain their condition.
The tread depth of your tyres is particularly important, as it helps to disperse lose water from the road surface. This allows improved contact with the road, which has a direct effect on your vehicle’s grip.
Your car should have a minimum tread of 1.6mm, although many motoring institutions recommend increasing this to 2- or 3mm. There’s a simple way to check the tread depth of your tyres—this handy YouTube video shows you how.

Conserve your battery

As you pile into your vehicle on a particularly cold day, it can be tempting to put the heater on full blast for the duration of your journey. However, excessive use of your heaters, lights and electrical in-car devices can quickly drain your battery.
Because lights are essential, you should switch off the non-essential elements to save your battery.Use your heater only to clear your windscreen and switch your sound system on around five minutes into your journey.
In addition, try to use your car regularly. Car batteries have a better performance rate if they are regularly charged and in use. If you can avoid it, don’t leave your car unused for a weekend or longer.

Top up your levels

To keep your car performing at its best, you’ll need to ensure your oil, anti-freeze and screen wash levels are between the minimum and maximum points for your vehicle.
While all of the above is important, you should pay particular attention to your screen wash levels. Grit can spray up from the roads and reduce the visibility from your front and rear windscreens. Being able to wash this away when required will ensure the safety of both you and other road users.

Book a winter service

Of course, there’s some aspects of your vehicle that should be checked by a professional, like your brakes for example. Many garages offer specialist winter services which will make sure that your brakes and other parts are working effectively.
Deals will often be available in early winter, so you could get your car’s service for less.
How will you be preparing your vehicle for winter? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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