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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

We can’t quite believe it’s 2017 already here at RCF headquarters. Like many others, we have some resolutions lined up for this year, one of which is to be kinder to our cars. They’re our faithful companions and they can be for many years, provided we look after them right. We’ve put together some tips on how to keep your car in tip top condition this year.

  • Give it a bit of TLC
    The first resolution is to clean your car (more often, anyway). Give it a wash and a wax to make it shine. If you really don’t fancy picking up the sponge, there are plenty of great car washes out there for a couple of quid. Remove anything that might damage your paint work like bird poo or tree sap straight away.
  • Maintenance!
    Keep on top of the small maintenance jobs and it could save you forking out for bigger expenses in the future if anything goes wrong. Make a note on your calendar to check your tyre tread, tyre pressure, oil and water levels and to make sure the windscreen wipers work correctly. You should check your oil once a week and tyres should be checked at least once a month – especially before long journeys!
  • Be a fuel efficient driver
    If you want to save on petrol expenses, the best place to start is to learn to drive efficiently. Fuel consumption does depend on the type of car you have, but there are some driving techniques you can pick up. Accelerate gently and drive smoothly – braking frequently will consume more fuel so monitor the road ahead and slow down if you need to. Switching off your engine when you stop for a short period of time will use less fuel. Conveniently many new cars now automatically switch off when standing still. You can check out more tips on driving fuel efficiently by reading our blog post from earlier this year here. Being a fuel efficient driver is not only better for your pocket, it is beneficial for the environment.
  • Have a clear out
    Remove all the rubbish and excess weight from your car by clearing out your boot, back seats and glove box.  Extra weight also means using more fuel, so this is an extra benefit to having a clean and tidy car. The inside of your car is just as important as the outside and looking after it will help the rate of depreciation if you want to sell your car.
  • Quit using your mobile phone when driving
    We all know it’s illegal to use your mobile phone at the wheel however an RAC survey last year found that 31% of us admitted to using our phones whilst driving, including taking photos and videos. Using a mobile whilst driving is dangerous for yourself and other road users. Studies have shown that drivers using phones are slower at recognising hazards on the roads, and a split second lapse in concentration could result in a crash.

Those are our New Year resolutions for 2017 that we think you should follow too! According to ComRes, 43% of Britons will fail to stick to their resolutions in the first month. But by sticking to these you will become a cleaner, safer road user, whilst saving money! Happy New Year!


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