Car finance in the North East

Looking for car finance North East? We can help! We help people all over the UK sort their car finance but did you know we’re based in Newcastle upon Tyne? Apply online using our application form and we could have you a finance decision in a matter of minutes! Worried about getting accepted for car finance with bad credit? We are bad credit car finance North East UK specialists!

How does North East car finance work?

Get accepted and buy your car from any independent, FCA-approved dealership in the North East! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Apply Online

Fill out our quick and easy application form and we’ll give you a quick call with an update. If we miss your call we’ll send you an email on how to get in touch with us – remember to double-check your junk mail if you can’t see an email from us!

2. Get approved

We’ll send your application off to the lenders on our panel that we think will approve you. Once we’ve got you the best rate we can find, we’ll let you know so you can start shopping around for your perfect car. We also work with a local dealer here in Newcastle who can help you find the car for you.

3. Buy a car

After you’ve signed your documents and the finance company has paid out the money, you’re free to collect your car!

New cars on finance

What are the benefits of getting North East car finance?

✔ You can rebuild your credit score by making all of your car finance payments on time.

✔ Car finance can fit into your monthly or weekly budget.

✔ You have the option of buying a car that you wouldn’t be able to purchase outright in cash.

✔ It’s easier to get approved for car finance through a broker like us, instead of a bank!

Who can apply for car finance?

We help people get accepted for car finance day in day out, including those who have bad credit! Whilst we do consider most applicants, you will need to meet the following criteria in order to take a look at your application:

 Be over the age of 18

 Have lived in the UK for at least 3 years

 Free from bankruptcy

Hold a full UK driving license

 Can prove you can afford a loan

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